The Awakening…

Robert Macdonell

….has BEGUN.

At the Vatican’s telescope atop Mt. Graham, the bloodshot All Seeing Eyeball popped out of its socket when it got a peep at UNPRECEDENTED Comet C/2017 K2 (Panstarrs).

This planetary nemesis, by any other name, fits the bill for a cosmic fireworks extravaganza, spectacularly marking the end of yet another Epoch (Turning).

The collective consciousness of the perspicuous is amping-up, broadcasting through the primordial aetheric substrate far and wide across this entire bewildered and convulsing globe.

Covid is the Cabal’s shot across the bow-shockwave of Comet K2. Their Motto: “The Fewer the Less Un-Merrier”.

The Mayan Calendar heralded (2012) the end of one epoch and the beginning of yet another, to which the sun responded with profound quiescence. The sun is now emerging from its dormancy, reacting to the hyperbolic approach of K2, the cosmic antibody… a celestial immunological response… summonsed by a terminally ill planet.

As Above, So Below.