Are Comets Dirty Snowballs or Rocky Electrical Capacitors

Vince Talkz

Although the debate on this matter rages on, it is not because of a lack of new data and evidence, as there is an abundance, and it all confirms the plasma cosmology models going back to the days of Hannes Alfvén, Swedish electrical engineer, plasma physicist and winner of the 1970 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on magnetohydrodynamics (MHD).

There is a lot to say about this topic, with many great videos to be shared soon.

For now, this feature-length scientific documentary on the matter should act as a good primer, especially for those new to this subject who have not previously felt the need to question the dirty snowball hypothesis.

Symbols of an Alien Sky, Episode 3: The Electric Comet

More great science soon!

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    Robert Macdonell

    In this, The Age of Deception, all truth is suppressed.
    In this Holographic Universe, all is plasma of varying densities and intensities...there is no fundamental 'particle'. Yet, this plasma, in all its variations and intricacies, is but a mere precipitate that has emerged from the primordial all-pervading luminescent substrate (aether)...the medium through which this holographic illusion we call reality is consciously summonsed into 'existence' by the mind of the Great Projectionist.

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      Yes, " all is plasma of varying densities and intensities" and perceived or misperceived according to the time frame of the observer. Trees are plasma but in slow motion, or the skeletal remnants of the plasma electric charge that draws them upward in a spiral unwinding from their energetic center toward the sky and downward into the soil, this from the singularity at their core that is connected to all other singularities in this holographic world.

      Vince Talkz

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    Robert Macdonell

    "...(T)he debate on this matter rages on"....that rage is one-sided and fueled by those who manage humanity by way of DECEPTION.
    Truth is the most powerful element in the that is countermanded by the toxic Kryptonite of establishmentarian deceit. If the truth will set us free, a captive humanity will be administered a double dose of un-reality.
    The Electric Universe theory is just two steps short of the ultimate reality. Electricity is but the handmaid of the primordial all-pervading substrate. Like rain drops condensing from a darkened billowing cloud, electricity precipitates out of the aether as the lightning bolt to announce its inexhaustible energetic presence saturating the universe.
    Yet, the aether is one step short of a fuller understanding of existence. Behind it is the unquantifiable essence that can only be inadequately described as PURE CONSCIOUSNESS.
    The universe is MIND-STUFF...Projectionist Unknowable.
    This fact was incontrovertibly established at CERN which brought atheistic, mechanistic apostles of scientism trembling to their knees and then immediately sequestered.
    Scientism is founded upon the utterly ridiculous premise that 'matter' spontaneously evolved from nothingness...mathematically expressed as 0+0=1.
    The mathematics of the universe indicates otherwise, declaring the immaculate formula of 0+1=1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34...INFINITY.