The Greatest of Comets Returns

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4 Replies to “The Greatest of Comets Returns”

  1. Mission Impossible (?) …when the governments of the world are united by way of DECEPTION.
    The most reliable and trustworthy sources on this Epoch Ending matter have said that the ONLY avenue left for humanity is not in making preparations for physical survival, but serves as a final opportunity for SPIRITUAL EMANCIPATION.
    The Cabal has been long in the tooth preparing for this devastating cosmic cycle…currently manifesting…and has expropriated taxpayer funds for their own survival, with the express intention of leaving the rest of humanity vulnerable to extinction.
    That glint in the All-Seeing Eye is K2.

  2. Comet Hale-Bopp served as …THE WARNING… notifying an errant humanity of the coming consequences for its deranged stewardship over our planet.
    Its BIG BROTHER, Comet K2, promises to be humanity’s CHASTISEMENT in retribution for its disgusting treatment of Mother Nature.
    All is one and one is all in this, our HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE.
    The Great Projectionist is long suffering, but devastating in its response.
    The Golden Mean is the Golden Rule and carries a very big stick.

    1. Thank you for your input. Yes, the real “great reset” is upon humanity, and as The Kolbrin states, man is so unprepared for it each time, caught up in his folly.

      Vince Talkz

  3. The folly of mankind is the pursuit of the material over the spiritual…temporal distraction to the detriment of the driven pursuit of eternal truth…EVERY TIME!

    There are intriguing correlations associated with comets and mankind’s ‘redemption’ that are preserved in the art of Giotto.

    Venus entered our solar system as a comet. Giotto’s alleged fascination with comets is not adequately explained by the mere appearance of Halley’s Comet in his day. The roots of his obsession run much deeper and his art the preservation of lost history.

    There will be a shortage of dye when the the vision of the “Destroyer” turns humanity’s hair gray.

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